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VGA-Audio CAT5 Extender
SB-6210 2Way VGA-Audio Transmitter Input : 1x VGA / Audio Output : 2x CAT5 SB-6210R 2Way VGA-Audio ...
Code: SB-6210/ SB-6210R
Price without VAT:310,31
Price with VAT375,48
HDMI Extender
Input : 1x HDMI, Output : 1x HDMI
Code: SB-6225
Price without VAT:97,33
Price with VAT117,77
HDMI 4K2K Extender
Input : 1x HDMI, Output : 1x HDMI
Code: SB-6225K
Price without VAT:139,65
Price with VAT168,97
Component Video CAT5 Extender
SB-6230 2Way Component Video Transmitter Input : 1x Component Video Output : 2x CAT5 SB-6230R 2Way ...
Code: SB-6230/ SB-6230R
Price without VAT:320,21
Price with VAT387,46
Composite Video•Digital•Audio CAT5 Extender
SB-6235 2Way Composite Video•Digital•Audio Transmitter Input : 1x Composite Video or Digital ...
Code: SB-6235/ SB-6235R
Price without VAT:291,99
Price with VAT353,31
VGA-Audio CAT5 Extender
SB-6310 4Way VGA-Audio Transmitter Input : 1x VGA / Audio + 1 Preview port Output : 4x CAT5 ...
Code: SB-6310/ SB-6310R
Price without VAT:335,70
Price with VAT406,20
Channel IP Router
SB-6314 5 Channel IP Router SB-6312 3 Channel IP Router
Code: SB-6314/ SB-6312
Price without VAT:636,15
Price with VAT769,75
HDMI HDBaseT Extender with Audio
SB-6320T HDMI HDBaseT Transmitter with Audio Input : 1x HDMI, 1x DVI-D Audio Output : 1x HDBaseT ...
Code: SB-6320T/ SB-6320R
Price without VAT:809,65
Price with VAT979,68
Component Video•Digital•Audio CAT5 Extender
SB-6330 4Way Component Video•Digital•Audio Transmitter Input : 1x Component Video / Digital ...
Code: SB-6330/ SB-6330R
Price without VAT:390,71
Price with VAT472,76
DVI HDBaseT Extender
SB-6334T4 DVI HDBaseT Transmitter Input : 1x HDMI, Output : 1x HDBaseT SB-6334R4 DVI HDBaseT ...
Code: SB-6334T4/ SB-6334R4
Price without VAT:774,40
Price with VAT937,03
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