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1x4 Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier
Input : 1x Stereo Audio (AR/AL) Output : 4x Stereo Audio (AR/AL)Input : 1x Stereo Audio (AR/AL) ...
Code: SB-3705
Price without VAT:79,95
Price with VAT96,74
1x4 Digital•Video•Audio Distribution Amplifier
Input : 1x Digital Audio (S/PDIF) or Composite Video, Stereo Audio (AR/AL) Output : 4x Digital ...
Code: SB-3710
Price without VAT:140,67
Price with VAT170,21
4x1 Stereo Audio Switcher
Input : 4x Stereo Audio (AR/AL) Output : 1x Stereo Audio (AR/AL)Input : 4x Stereo Audio (AR/AL) ...
Code: SB-5440RL
Price without VAT:130,55
Price with VAT157,97
8x8 Digital•Video•Audio Matrix Switcher
Input : 8x Digital Audio (S/PDIF) or Composite Video, Stereo Audio (AR/AL) Output : 8x Digital ...
Code: SB-8804LCM
Price without VAT:808,60
Price with VAT978,41

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